It’s not about the camera

As a photographer, I’m often asked by friends or even people I meet which camera is best suited for day-to-day carry around purposes? Usually, they’re thinking about mid-to-higher-end compact cameras by the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and others. Often describing them as “not as heavy and obtrusive as a DSLR but still capable of taking a good picture…”  Well, cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do, and for me, these all represent something extra I’d have to commit to carrying around all day.  On a daily basis they don’t provide enough advantage over my iPhone,  to make them worth the inconvenience.  I find that I’m either setting out to do photography deliberately, in which case I bring my DSLR equipment, or I’m caught off guard and always have my phone with me. I don’t find many use-cases in between. So while I love gadgets, and have owned many compact cameras, they aren’t as indispensable as they once were to me.

I use the DSLR when I’m out looking for pictures and the iPhone when the picture finds me.

Here’s a little gallery of some of my iPhone pictures. All taken with the built-in camera app only, none are cropped and only a couple have been toned a little in Photoshop. Please use the share buttons below and comment if this was interesting to you!