It’s not about the camera

North Abaco, Bahamas

As a photographer, I’m often asked by friends or even people I meet which camera is best suited for day-to-day carry around purposes? Usually, they’re thinking about mid-to-higher-end compact cameras like the PowerShot G12 or COOLPIX P7700 and they describe them as “not as heavy and obtrusive as a DSLR but still capable of taking a good picture…”  Well, cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do, and for me, these all represent something extra I’d have to commit to carrying around all day and they don’t provide enough advantage over my iPhone, for example,  to make it worth the trouble. If I’m going to carry “something extra” it’s going to be my DSLRs. Either I’m setting out to do photography deliberately, in which case I bring everything, or I’m caught off guard and always have my phone on me. I don’t find many use cases in between.

I use the DSLR when I’m out looking for pictures and the iPhone when the picture finds me.

Here’s a little gallery of some of my iPhone pictures. All taken with the built-in camera app only, none are cropped and only a couple have been toned a little in Photoshop. Please use the share buttons below and comment if this was interesting to you!   

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